Our principal interior designer will act as go-between for your home decorator service to ensure selections are consistent with the desired finished result.  

Our company's forte is to bring your new and improved floor plan to life.  We then work hand in hand with our designated specialist to bring everything together for beautiful inclusions to fill your home.  


We understand some clients may only be seeking advice to "fill in gaps" without doing any other renovation works.  We also appreciate that if a client is up-sizing or down-sizing then it may be very confusing to know what goes or stays or what choices can be made to create a new space by simply reconfiguring what you have to change the look of an area or adding soft furnishings or accessories to completely change the look of a space.  Our specialists would be more than happy to help with a single space or whole home decoration.


During an initial in-home consultation, our designers will discuss furniture and other decorative pieces with you to get a sense of your needs and your individual style. We always ensure that the items selected suit both the interior of the room and our client’s personality and always considerate of our client's budget.

Our specialists can create beautiful spaces by inclusion of rugs, soft furnishings, mirrors, art, upholstery and accessories to tie in with the project design, existing furniture, art pieces and colour palette.  

Proposed furnishings and decorative items can be included as part of any tailored design proposal we offer. We can also arrange to have these terms ordered and installed in your space after the renovation works have been completed, leaving you to simply enjoy your new space.

Decoration Services

warm neutral colour palette; classic design; lounge redesign